Intruder Alarm Systems

One thing that gives complete peace of mind when it comes to home security is a state of the art alarm system. Intruders will shy away from a property that is fully alarmed, especially if it is monitored.

Following an initial conversation with the client, we will carry out an extensive appraisal of our clients’ property, from which we will design and install a system to suit their individual needs and requirements.With our many years of experience, our professional installers only use high quality equipment from reputable manufacturers whose track record in the security industry is second to none.

Providing solutions for both residential and commercial, all our systems come with apps for smart devices. These enable remote control over smart lights, thermostats and sockets and can be integrated with Google Home or Alexa. We can also integrate CCTV into your intruder alarm app.

You will have full control at your fingertips. Literally.


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The main commercial Alarm system that we provide is the range from Orisec®. Exclusively for professional installers, Orisec® offers some of the most reliable and installer-friendly security equipment available, founded on invention and innovation, with a focus on exceptional design and performance.


Safer, Smarter Living

One of the major products we use for our solutions is taken from the award-winning iotega® range.

The next generation wireless security and automation platform provides the security you already know and trust, along with the freedom to choose your favourite home automation devices.

The iotega® system also provides you with the flexibility to start with a security only package and scalability to upgrade to a full security and home automation solution. Nothing offers better piece of mind as you can remotely monitor your home or business, regardless of how tech savvy you are…

  • Security enhanced with industry leading PowerG technology designed to  ultimate reliability

  • Fully encrypted and reliable wireless security system – End to End 128-Bit AES Encryption

  • Choose your level of engagement & control. From local notifications and keypad activation, to full remote control, via cloud based intelligence and mobile apps
  • Intelligently activate your home/business based on events, schedules or others triggers

  • Supports all home/business needs, from traditional simple activation to mobile and cloud access & control

  • Supports popular light, thermostat, power sockets, door locks and other home automation devices

  • Manage systems remotely
  • Flexible solution that meets all your needs – from security only or a secured and smart solution

  • Start with the basics and evolve with your needs as they grow

  • Add your preferred offering of smart, environmental home automation devices

  • Meets your ever-changing security and smart home/business needs

  • Over 200 Security and Home Automation devices supported

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