Arquella Systems

We are now offering the supply and installation of Arquella products, the most cutting edge, smart, future proof care technologies currently available. Arquella’s smart technologies are designed to transform outcomes for residential and inpatient care operators by empowering care teams, enhancing care delivery, and improving the quality of life for residents and patients. By delivering innovative hardware and software, we aim to minimise the burden on care staff and provide a more efficient and effective care environment.

Arquella Call

Arquella Call is the next evolution of nurse call technology; a data-rich digital solution capable of delivering powerful reactive care insights than can be used to improve outcomes and efficiency.

Arquella Move

Arquella Move is a Real Time Location System (RTLS) that uses Ultra Wideband (UWB) to facilitate the tracking of people and equipment in healthcare environments.

Arquella Sense

Arquella Sense is a touchless fall prevention anddetection technology that monitors for fall riskbehaviour and falls 24 hours a day.

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