The affordable way to keep high-risk areas clean

The current situation regarding COVID-19 has made us all very aware of how easily and quickly viruses can spread. They can affect everything from product contamination to the well being of employees. So just imagine a workplace or gathering place that only lets people enter if their hands are quickly and thoroughly cleansed with a powerful sanitiser.

This would instantly cut the risk of cross-contamination, and potentially reduce absenteeism.

And that’s where Steriloc comes in. After the user has cleansed their hands, an electrical signal triggers a door catch, turnstile or even an alarm.

It’s effective (no cleansing, no entry) and economical, efficient (processes up to 30 people a minute) and safe (operates on a low voltage). It’s manufactured to exceptional standards, but is surprisingly affordable for something that can save sick days, give customers added confidence and protect your employees.

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