Farm Security

We provide a wide range of farm services including CCTV, Alarms, External detectors all of which can be accessed from your mobile phone and work seamlessly together.

From our farming background and first hand experience of the damage done by thieves, CAA Security Systems have the knowledge of the potential targets on today’s farms. It is important to take steps to protect your livestock and machinery, as the cost of replacing these is potentially huge and could leave your business in ruins.

At CAA we have a number of solutions to help protect your assets from external yard security beams to fully monitored smart CCTV systems. We design every Farm system based on each individual farm and will always visit to go thru the best options to suit your needs. We would also recommend you contact your insurance provider to see if savings can be made on insurance when you fit a fully certified security system.

We understand that protecting your data is important to you. It is import to us too.
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