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CCTV | Alarms | Gates | Wi-Fi


There is really no point installing a CCTV system unless it will provide high quality images of the protected area, so consequently we install only the latest in smart technology.

All our CCTV systems come with apps as standard, which give you finger tip control for analytics such as face detection, intruder detection, line crossing, scene change, motion detection, people counting, audio speakers and much more.

Our systems can be applied to any scenario. We provide thermal cameras, starlight cameras and moving PTZs, which can see clearly at night up to 200m and over 1km during day time. Our aim is to provide a truly modern smart security system that is well maintained and serviced to keep it up to date.

CCTV Monitoring
CCTV monitoring can prove to be a very cost effective solution for all residential premises especially thoses with large yards or external areas to be covered. It helps reduce the amount of false alarms and can be used as major deterrent with the help of external speakers which the monitoring station can warn any potential intruders with a real time voice over that they are being watched.

The benefits to your home

Proven deterrent in the fight against crime.

Detects intruders in real time.

Protects assets and prevents damages.

Protects people in vulnerable situations.

Monitors irregular activities like unauthorised entry.

Protects key holders from injury.

Reduces the risk of loss and disruption to your home.

Reduces insurance claims.

Monitors Health and Safety.

Allows you user-friendly remote access over the internet.

Alarm Monitoring
Home monitoring provides peace of mind, protecting your family home. The monitoring system uses either a phone line, GSM, GPRS, IP or WIFI signalling method. When the alarm activates the signal is sent to the monitoring station over a communication path decided on by the customer’s requirements.There is also dual path options available which give a back up to the main form of communication to the monitoring centre.

A home alarm with verification technology is one which is capable of transmitting an initial signal to the monitoring station, which can be identified as unverified (a single zone activation) and subsequently a second signal which can be identified as verified (a second and different zone activation. This is a requirement now for all alarms working to the EN standards for alarms and helps reduce false alarms.

Intruder Alarm Systems

One thing that gives complete peace of mind when it comes to home security is a state of the art alarm system. Intruders will shy away from a property that is fully alarmed, especially if it is monitored.

Following an initial conversation with the client, we will carry out an extensive appraisal of our clients’ property, from which we will design and install a system to suit their individual needs and requirements.With our many years of experience, our professional installers only use high quality equipment from reputable manufacturers whose track record in the security industry is second to none.

Providing solutions for residential properties, all our systems come with apps for smart devices.
These enable remote control over smart lights, thermostats and sockets and can be integrated with Google Home or Alexa.
We can also integrate CCTV into your intruder alarm app.

You will have full control at your fingertips. Literally.

The main commercial Alarm system that we provide is the range from Orisec®. Exclusively for professional installers, Orisec® offers some of the most reliable and installer-friendly security equipment available, founded on invention and innovation, with a focus on exceptional design and performance.


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Automated Gates

We service and install all types of gates and Bollard systems. We support and follow all safety regulations and machinery acts.

We offer Swing Gates, Swing Gates with Articulated Arm Operators, Sliding Gates, Parking Bollards and much more.

Safety and human preservation is paramount when installing a machine driven device / electric gate that may be regarded as dangerous and potentially harmful, and gate automation most definitely falls into this category.

As with residential electric gates we always bespoke design gate automation process.

Our service includes a full risk assessment and health and safety check as standard, outlining those potential crushing, cutting, shearing, trapping hazards and danger areas, over and above the functional requirements you as a Gate customer may have.

Because of the compliance to the Machinery Directive and HSE health and safety guidelines we only supply automated systems that have safety as the number one concern.

We choose the best suited components from gate manufacturers, put them together to make a System, install them for our customers, and then warranty those electric gate installations.


In today’s world, with so much reliance on technology to perform many ordinary tasks, there can be nothing more frustrating than an intermittent or weak Wi-Fi signal. You’re in the middle of paying a bill, or booking tickets, or watching your team just about to score, and you get a dropout or the dreaded buffering symbol. Or even having to move around the house to get a better connection! There are many reasons why this could be happening. Distance from your modem, obstructions, interference capacity, bandwidth and so much more.

We provide and install state of the art systems such as Ubiquiti and Tenda, which will help to improve your Wi-Fi connection, spreading it more evenly and robustly around your home.

Call us today to see which system would be the best fit for you.

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