Access Control

Our aim is to design and install a technically advanced access control system to control entry and exit throughout your business premises. At CAA Security we install a range of systems starting from standalone access control systems to more advanced networked access control systems.

Access Control System Features:

  • Keypads with access codes
  • Fob or Card readers
  • Provide access to the doors relevant to each employee
  • Access can be limited to selected days and times
  • Reports can be created showing times when users enter certain doors
  • Fire Alarm Integration to ensure that doors are released in an emergency
  • Biometric Access Control Systems are also available using fingerprint or eye retina technology

Standalone Access Systems
Basic single door systems start with the customers’ needs and potential future needs. Common systems applied to single doors are sometimes expandable depending on the initial requirement Basic Systems comprise of:

  • Digital Numeric Keypads ® PIN Code Operation ©
  • Proximity Reader ® Card or Fob Operation ©
  • Electric Locking is dependent on the door and application

Networked Access Control Systems
Networked Access Control comprises of PC-based software, controlling multiple doors to restrict/allow access to multiple users. These systems are often complex and, like standalone systems, this can be linked with CCTV, intruder and fire alarms to create a seamless security system for your property/business.

As with all security systems the key to effective access control is good management. A Networked System which can be programmed centrally through a standard desktop PC offers the ultimate management solution. PC based systems give the operator an overview of the security of the premises.

Networked Access Control can incorporate many devices and media types in one system, print reports on who has access and track who has been into a particular area. Access to areas can be granted by security level or only during specific time periods. In the event of an emergency such as fire, an override facility can be programmed to unlock all doors automatically to ensure the safety of staff or occupants. Systems can provide a ‘Muster’ report to indicate who is in the building.

Intercom Systems
Intercom Systems provide simple communication with individuals entering your premises and allow remote control of access doors/automatic barriers. They can be supplemented with visual verification where required. Wired and wireless solutions are available for commercial and residential properties. GSM (Global System for Mobile) option is also offered for remote or unattended site access control.

  • Audio Intercom: 2-way audio with options for multiple door stations and/or reception handsets
  • Video intercom: 1-way video and 2-way audio. This again can have multiple door stations and/or
  • GSM Intercom: Audio over the mobile phone network, so you can grant access to visitors remotely
    IP Intercom: Audio and Video over IP (Internet Protocol). You can connect to your existing network at your premises, and when connected to your broadband, you can receive calls from your intercom with live video on your smartphone

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