Service plans/Maintenance

Intruder Alarms are installed to the Irish and European standard, I.S. EN 50131 – 1:2006. In order for your system to meet this regulation going forward, it must be serviced every year. If a system is not serviced every year, it ceases to meet the standards.

Maintaining your system will ensure it performs correctly, that every piece of equipment is working and prevent other issues arising. If you are claiming a discount on your home insurance, most insurance companies now require that your Intruder Alarm is serviced at least once a year, otherwise they may void any claims on the policy. For businesses, it is mandatory that most business premises have a maintained system as a term and condition in the Insurance policy, as well as being monitored by a central station.

Comprehensive Maintenance
This includes servicing as per the regulations governing your system. The package also includes 2 FREE Emergency callouts and Labour charges during normal working hours, and Replacement Equipment and Travel time cost to site. It does not cover emergency callout after hours, accidental damage or vandalism to equipment. It does not cover damage by Fire, Water, Storm, and Lightning. These issues will usually be covered by your insurance policy.

Service – Only Maintenance
As the name suggest, this package covers ONLY servicing on your system, as per the regulations. Emergency callouts, including labour time onsite, replacement equipment and travel time are all charged as extra.

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